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working to help artists make money from their art"

Artist's Mojo Course

...training that conquers fear, doubt and limiting beliefs is actually a thing...

What would happen to your career, if you could believe in your own success?

What if you had more self-confidence?

And what if you had a great coach and mentor who could help you work smarter not harder?

These are big issues for independent artists.

Artist's Mojo is a combination of 3 one-on-one sessions, a structured journaling process, and online modules developed to help artists remove blocks and achieve their potential.

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Artist Transformation School

...learn to be better at the art of business...

The most important things every artist needs to know in order to succeed in business in an intense twelve week online course.

In 12 weeks you will gain profound insight into how to make your art business succeed.

You will learn the proven, practical set of essential skills and knowledge you need to turn the art you are passionate about into the business that supports you.

The online platform means that participants can access the information they need at any time from anywhere, and the repeat viewing option means that the vital information can be accessed at pivotal moments.

See below for the course outline.

Module 1: FOCUS


Bring all the things you have on the go into balance so that you invest your time and energy in the things that will make money.

Learn to focus

  • Business models
  • How to connect your art to your market
  • Formula to help determine which of your products deserve attention
  • Apply the 80/20 rule

Module 2: LOVE


Build your self-confidence and create work that is immediately successful because you know what your fans and customers want.

Building your brand

  • Learn what your customers say about your work
  • Discover your "unique selling point"
  • Learn who your ideal customer is
  • Create a support team of 12 fans

Module 3: BELIEF


Understanding neuro-linguistic programming and brain dominance theory

  • Understanding your mind-heart connection
  • Demonstration and application of NLP results with artists
  • Replacing common limiting beliefs for artists
  • Re-wiring your brain


Start Right

Get the best team to support you and create the right business structure from the start.

Business structures and contracts

  • Understanding your best incorporation options
  • Outsourcing and delegation
  • Building a team
  • Supporting your team without money

Module 5: GOALS


Reach your goals so that you realize your potential.

Setting goals and planning for results

  • Artists as intuitive goal-setters and planners
  • Understanding a right-brain business planning process
  • How to create goals
  • How to write objectives

Module 6: FINANCE


Make your numbers become the knowledge and information that leads to your success.

Essential financial management tools

  • Conversation with an Accountant who specializes in working with artists
  • A pricing formula for your work
  • Understanding financial terms for a small business
  • Introduction to bookkeeping software

How to enroll in the Artists Transformation School

Start by registering for the free webinar. Join us for an exploration of how to make a successful career from your art.

We have made that journey and want to share our knowledge and experiences with you, backed up by a series of practical steps you can take.

We can advise on obtaining grants. You may find that career-counselling, the Secrets of Success workshop or a one-on-one analysis of your career may be the most appropriate.

All this will be discussed and explored in the free webinar.