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How to get donors for your art

Hot Tip #128

Getting and keeping donors, patrons and benefactors is complex and challenging but TOTALLY worth it. Here are some really great tips to learn how to get and keep donors and patrons for your art.

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Feel better about being an artist

Hot Tip #127

As an artist you’ve chosen a life that is challenging, rewarding, inspiring and often difficult to describe and some times it’s also difficult to maintain unless you own and celebrate the fact that you chose it.

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4 tips for selling your art on line

Hot Tip #125

On-line sales of art is growing by 19% each year… not just visual art. 3 things you should consider before you jump into it and 5 tips for getting into it.

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Stop right now and breathe

Hot Tip #122

People always say, "take a breath". We know that three calming breaths actually works, yet we don’t seem know how to use this basic tool for our own wellbeing.

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Easy Meditation for Artists

Hot Tip #121

Artists don’t need to learn conventional meditation, we have an easier way. We have an inner sweet spot that we can use to quiet the mind and restore our heart and soul.

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